Chapter 1

It was 10:00pm and Garry and Larry 2 twin brothers at the age of 14 were watching a couple horror movies while there parents where out till midnight. Garry and Larry watch lots of scary movies and are never scared from anything. Suddenly there 12 year old year sister called Rosie came rushing into the room and ripped the movie out of the DVD player and took the other movie into her room and locked herself in. “What the…? Rosie why did you take the movies, we were watching those!” Shouted Larry. “You know I hate scary movies I could hear the noises of the killing and screaming in my room” said Rosie with a shaky voice. “Well if we can’t watch those movies we are going for a walk… Leaving you home alone” said Garry with a smirk on his face.

Chapter 2

“Wow it’s a really dark cloudy night” said Larry as they walked down the pathway. “I bet Rosie is soo scared right now, ha ha” laughed Garry. They continued down the road when something caught Larry’s eye. A old, broken, mossy, rusty and rotting house surrounded by dead creepy trees. “AWESOME” Shouted the twins. “We have got to explore that house come on lets go” said Larry anxiously running down the gravel pathway. “Just like some of the movies we watch with a haunted house and stuff” said Garry. the 2 twins try open the door but it doesn’t budge. “Stand back” said Larry as he charges at the door. SMASH! the door flies off its rusty hinges and crashes to the floor.

Chapter 3

The walls and floor had gaping holes in them and all the windows were barricade and there was a broken table with a piece of a chair near it. There was 1 main room with a hallway leading down the a small room with 2 metal broken beds. There was a blood stain on one of the beds. “Wow this place is a dump… and its creepy” said Garry with a shiver down his spine. ‘Rustle Scratch’. “Wha… what was that?” Garry stuttered. ‘creeeeck…. CRACK SMASH’. The floor under them suddenly gave way and they fell into an underground cellar.

Chapter 4

“aarrgh… I think I hurt everything in my body…”said Garry weakly. “Larry? are you okay? LARRY…. oh no hes unconscious” said Garry. Larry was out cold and meanwhile Garry was exploring. There were 3 tunnels stringing off the cellar they fell into. The tunnels were being held up by wooden posts. Garry started heading down the left tunnel with I dimly lit wooden stake with fire on the end. The tunnel ended with a small alter that held a dusty book. “What the? What is this place… hmm, whats this book?” Garry said to himself. He opened the book to find a large list of names, he quickly flicked through and on the last page that had writing, showed these 2 names, Garry and Larry. Everything went black. Garry fainted.

Chapter 5

“er… ouch my head hurts, What happened?” complained Larry. “Garry? GARRY! where are you?” Shouted Larry. Garry was no where to be seen. He was so worried he couldn’t believe his brother was just gone. It was very dark, he squinted and saw a dim light down a tunnel to the left and started to run down the hallway. Larry started to sprint down the tunnel to find his brother lying on the not moving at all. Suddenly the wall next to them began to crumble and rustle then it collapsed to reveal an old hunch-back man staring at Larry with is completely white eyes. “ARGH! Wh-Who are you, o-or what are you” stuttered Larry. Just then Garry stood up and realized Larry and an old man standing before him. “Who are you” said Garry noticing the passageway behind the old man which had a well lit room at the end. ” Garry, Larry ah I’ve been expecting you two. This is a secret place and I’m going to make sure you never tell anyone about it. “Wait what do you mean? Your not going to keep us hostage, are you?” said Larry in shock. “Never shall you leave this place. you will rot and die here” claimed the creepy old man with a smirk on his face.

Chapter 6

The boys ran for their life back down the tunnel they came from but for some weird reason it seemed to go forever. A long straight tunnel. Suddenly they ran past the old man standing in front of the tunnel he came from in the first place… standing perfectly still watching them run past. “Hold on… how the? Wait what, we just ran straight, away from him, and now we just past him anyway?” “That’s impossible. WHATS GOING ON OLD MAN LET US GO!” Shouted the brothers in confusion. “HaHaHa you will never leave!… Why did you come here in the first place? Trespassers!?” growled the man. “Uh, um. We were going for a walk and we saw the house and thought it was abandoned so we decided to explore it. That’s all please let us go we didn’t mean to do anything we ju-” “It’s too late! If you wish to leave you must find the way out… HAHAHA, good luck” interrupted the old man. “At least tell us your names?” asked Larry. “Names Hades, Hahaha” Chuckled Hades. “H-h-HADES!? Wait you mean the God of Evil!?” Screeched Garry. Just then he walked halfway down the tunnel and turned right. Both the boys were confused for whether he was actually Hades.

Chapter 7

The boys went down the hallway ‘Hades’ was guarding, which didn’t seem so bright anymore. When they got halfway there was no tunnel or anything. They continued down to find a small concrete room. There was a nice luxury king sized bed, a fancy bedside table and nice new comfortable carpet. There was a table with a lot of delicious food on it, still warm. There was a weird fell in the air some what tempting. The boys felt very hungry so they decided to eat. The food was amazing, cooked to perfection. After that they couldn’t keep there eyes open any longer, But they didn’t want to sleep because they were in a very weird place. Eventually they couldn’t stay awake anymore and collapsed on the bed to sleep.

Chapter 8

There were some loud rumbles and scraps which woke up the 2 brothers. To their surprise there was no way to get in or out of the room. “Oh great now we’re trapped, I bet you our whole family is really worried” mumbled Garry “yeah… first we need to find a way to get out  of here, hold on all the furniture is moved and the table is empty? That’s really weird” said Larry whilst scanning the room looking at the changes. “Maybe the entrance/exit is behind one of these bookshelves or something. Lets have a look around” exclaimed Garry. The 2 of them started searching. Looking under things and moving furniture after moving and searching everywhere they found nothing. “Grr, there nothing here we looked everywhere and moved everything an- wait a minute we didn’t move that bedside table!” Shouted Larry excitedly. They scrambled over to the bedside table and shoved it out of the way to reveal a small tunnel. They were just able to fit and so they quickly crawled down the tunnel. They got to the end of the tunnel to find a larger area with a ladder going up. There was the loud ringing of gun fire above. They sprawled up the ladder and smashed open the hatch, They where in a large wide open yard behind the house. Except the house was completely surrounded by heavily armed by police. They Sprinted for their life. “Whats going on!” Shouted Larry and Garry to the police. “The man in that house is keeping a couple kids hostage and shooting anyone that comes near because he Really doesn’t want to get put in jail” Responded a police man. “Wait a minute did you guys just come from the house!?” said the same police man in hope. “Yes we were trapped in some weird cellar place with lots of tunnels and things” Answered Larry. Just then a group of police men pulled out ‘Hades’ from the house. “This old fella has been causing a lot of trouble time to lock him up for life” Said one of the heavily suited men. “Mr. JenkinStein, time to see your new home… HaHaHa”.

Chapter 9

“So his names Mr. JenkinStein? Hmph knew he was lying” Exclaimed Larry like a know it all as Garry and him walked home. When they got back their parents and sister were waiting for them. They got a warm welcome then explained everything. Afterwards everyone was silent. There Dad then said “Wait you stayed up really late watching horror movies! Then just left the home just to teach your sister a lesson!? YOUR IN B-” “Calm down dear be happy that they are still alive!” Interrupted Garry and Larry’s Mum. The next day there was a story in the newspaper about Mr. JenkinStein. Larry and Garry were getting a lot of attention at school after that weekend. It was a really scary experience but after all it wasn’t that bad. They got heaps of attention from girls.

Best Learning Experience 2011

My best learning experience for 2011 was Fractals. On Wednesday 7Th December we went into Room4 (the other senior class) and did some work on Fractals. Fractals can be used in many things especially generating scenery and worlds in Movies and Games. One movie in particular, Avatar, had a whole world made with the help of Fractals. I find them very interesting because they look very cool and if you have a powerful enough computer you can make a never ending fractal. With the computer you can make it Zoom in infinite amount of times so that it just goes forever.

Rippa Rugby Winter Tournament

On Tuesday the 30th of August, The year 7’s & 8’s went to the senior winter tournament. All the boys played rippa rugby and all the girls played netball.

In the morning we got our P.E. stuff on and went into Mrs. Trask’s class and got a briefing on things that we need to do. After that we went our to the bus to head off to Te Atiawa park. When we got there we realized we had forgot the rippa tags and belts. So Mrs. Trask brought them down to the field just in time for our first game.

I can’t remember the order of the teams we versed but we won 5 games and lost 4. In the end we came 4th out of 8.

It was really fun but I’m not that great at rippa rugby.

Relief Print making Step by Step

Lately we have been doing some printing at school, here is a step by step on what we did…

1.We got a piece of paper and drew something to do with a New Zealand on it.

2.We got a piece of polystyrene and traced over the picture with pen to imprint the picture into the polystyrene.

3.Next we got rid of the paper because we didn’t need it and traced over the imprints in the polystyrene.

4.Then we thoroughly  painted it with printing ink.

5.We stuck it onto some paper and rolled it hard to get it stuck and to print the picture on the paper.

6. Congrats it’s done now wait for it to dry.

Marae Trip

On Thursday the 31st of March to the 1st of April we were at the marae.

It was a beautiful day, Very warm! Which was good because we had to wait outside for about 30 minutes for the powhiri. Once the powhiri was over we went into the Wharekai (Eatting area) for morning tea.

We were offically welcomed to the marae now so we went to a paua farm that they own just down the road. The paua farm was really dark and i learnt that paua have teeth and they are much sttronger than a humans tooth. The bad thing is that there were 2 buckets pouring water into each thing that holds the paua to make fake waves and it would splash over the sides and it would wet us and the water smelt REALLY bad.

We got back to the marae and ate lunch then the younger kids went to the paua farm to have a look and we just had free time till they got back. Once they were back we did a farewell thing and they left.

Finally they are gone now we can go into the games room and play pool and do other things. After awhile we went down to the beach for around 30 minutes.

” A SHARK THEY FOUND A SHARK” Shouted someone to my left.

“Where?” I said excited.

“IN JOSEPHS HANDS” The person shouted back.

I  ran over to where joseph was and saw a shark about 60cm long in his hands. It was dead but still it was a shark. It had no eyes and a cut down its stomach so there was blood everywhere and its guts started falling out. YUCK! People took a few photos of him holding it and then they threw it into the water. Then to make things HALERIOUS Dino went fishing for carrots… Literally. He saw something in the water so he got a long stick pulled up his pants and waded in. He started poking around and then lifted his stick to find a carrot on the end of it! Everyone cracked up with laughter and Dino came out and ate a bit of it and spat it out.

We had to go back to the marae and get only our sleeping gear and pick a place where we want to sleep. After that we went to have some more free time till dinner was ready. I played some pool and then was outside for the rest of the time.

Dinner was ready and it was burgers. YAY! They where so good i wanted to have more but then they said there was icecream so i just waited for that to come. Everyone was done eatting so the teachers got the icecream and the icecream cones out and started serving people. We went up in table groups we were last AGAIN. After we had finished it we went outside for some more free time.

It was night time and a guy had come to teach us a haka made specially for our school. We learnt the haka while the girls did weaving in another room. Once we had learned the haka the girls came up to watch us preform it. After they sung a song back to us and we set up the tables for a cup of milo and or a biscuit.

“LIGHTS OUT” shouted Mr Elms. We all got into our beds and went to sleep… well tried but it took awhile because of people making silly noises and then snoring.

St Patrick’s Day!

IMG_5504It was St Patrick’s day and we where all heading to the church for mass. As usual we sung songs, said preys and some of the people in the school where doing readings. After mass we all got changed into our team colours clothes and everyone but most the year 8’s went to play.

I was in yellow team with Andrew and James as the year 8’s in our class. Andrew disappeared so James and I had to bring our equipment to the field. When we got our stuff on the field we herd noise coming from the hall and all the other year 8’s were in there. While we waited we just hung out in the hall till it was time to set up the game and start the games.

Our games was basically the same as capture the flag (CTF) but with balls. It was very frustrating and annoying trying to organize the teams because all the kids were shouting and ignoring you. But eventually we managed to organize the teams. The game started and most people got the hang of it quite fast but some were clueless about things. It was funny and interesting watching them play. Sometimes one of the teams would start losing badly so we would step in.

“AHHH” people all around screamed as it bucketed down with rain. I didn’t really care about the rain but others were running towards the hall. All the different coloured teams (Yellow, Red and Blue) were in the corners separated. We took turns singing nursery rhymes until the rain stopped.

Finally after a long wait the rain was gone and we all ran back to our games.

The games were over and it was now time for the tug of war. We won all our rounds but the one versing the blue year 8’s and 7’s. In the tug of war we drew with blue and red lost.

Then the relays. These were a lot more interesting and watching there facials was quite funny sometimes. I wasn’t in the relays because it was either me or Andrew and i had no idea who is faster but I let him do it anyway. Blue and Yellow were very close but I think it was a draw and Red lost.

The games were over and we packed up the game equipment and put it in the P.E. shed and went back to class.

St Patrick’s Day was over but still to come later at night was the fair. It was an awesome day and I really enjoyed it and I hope the others in the school enjoyed it too.

Book Review

Title: Percy Jackson and the lightning theif.

Author: Rick Riordan

Who would like to read it?… Boys might prefer it more than girls but I reckon both would enjoy it.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Synopsis:Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood. I didn’t ask to be the son of a Greek god.

I was just a normal kid, going to school, playing basketball and riding the skate board. The usual things a boy my age would be doing. Until I accidentally vaporized my maths teacher. That’s when things when things really started going wrong. Now I spend my time Fighting mutant  mythical creatures with swords, and well, generally trying to stay alive.

Year 8

YAHOO Last year of primary school I feel so tall being a year 8. Can’t wait till collage but people say enjoy primary while it lasts because collage is very hard compared to primary. Anyway being a year 8 has lots of responsibilities but its worth it and all the younger kids look up to you.